Matthew Winchester

Matthew Winchester

Matthew Winchester aims to make his clients’ lives easier by making their money work harder. His sound advice to date has generated a strong portfolio of long-term clients.

Matt began his financial career in 1997 and currently holds the Diploma for Financial Advisers. He quickly grasped that the provision of sound advice is not enough. Known for his exceptional levels of customer service, his client satisfaction is impressive and longevity game remains strong. He understands the first step to understanding clients is to grasp their objectives, recognise their timescales and crucially, analyse their attitude to risk.

Investment guidance alongside saving plans, accounts and trusts are what makes Matt tick. Not forgetting the security of protecting them all.

Matt says, “My work ethic is based on integrity, trust and professionalism. And my intention is to base my investment and pension advice upon these factors. In my eyes, what matters most is protection of your investments. I have the theoretical knowledge necessary for putting the right practice into place.”

Matt enjoys spending time with his family and playing a variety of racket sports in his spare time.


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